Kinematic Viscometer Bath Manufacturers India

Civillabequipmentmanufacturer brings the most advanced product for measuring the resistance flow of oils, a Kinematic Viscometer Bath. Kinematic viscosity is a very critical parameter or a factor of oils. Kinematic Viscosity Bath equipment is utilized to measure the kinematic viscosity of a variety of oils such as lubricating fluid, crude oil, peanut oil, and diesel fuel etc. Being most reliable Kinematic Viscometer Bath Manufacturers, Our products are successfully utilized in diverse parts of the different industries varying from automobile, food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, oils & gas etc. Our products can measure the supreme thickness of consistency, which is very crucial in certain industries.


As a Kinematic Viscometer Bath Exporters, our clients are spread across the world and we are known for our rugged and robust designed products which offer zero-defect. It offers accurate temperature reading and measuring with the highest efficiency with précised digital display. It’s easy in operability because of the portable desktop based design.

Our team of adroit, skilled, and experienced team of professionals uses the advanced techniques and quality components for developing and manufacturing the Kinematic Viscometer Bath. Being Kinematic Viscometer Bath Suppliers we conform to the international industry standards which are significant for serving industries as we are backed with better business understanding and experience.


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Benkelman Beam Manufacturers India

We are known as the most competitive and trustworthy Benkelman beam manufacturers in the market. We are serving the needs or acting as a great resource of material for government agencies, contractors, consultant etc. in the transportation and other infrastructure industry. With this broad coverage of customer’s and segments, our Benkelman beam product i.e. pavement deflection measurement equipment’s potential users varied from technicians, inspectors, students, researchers, construction managers, and engineers, which covers the general public too.


For evaluation of rigid pavement load transfer and a flexible pavement structure, pavement surface deflection is the primary mean of measurement. It is crucial from the fact that shape and magnitude of the pavement deflection is an outcome of traffic, the temperature which affects the structure of the pavement, structural pavement section, and also the moisture that affects the pavement structure. Deflection method or measurements help to know the stiffness of the pavement structural layer and its sub-grade resilient modulus. So, many factors or characteristics of the flexible pavement are determined with its deflection measurement in response to the traffic load. As a Benkelman beam Suppliers, our Benkelman beam equipment is considered to be the less expensive and most effective equipment to carry out deflection measuring that provides accurate results. It is one of the easy, simple, and non-destructive methods to carry out.

As we stated above the users and segments which we are serving, our span is spread across the world and hence also lead as Benkelman beam exporters in the markets. Our all equipment’s are of high-quality and confirms to the AASHTO T 256 industry standard, which itself gives a reason to rely on us.


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